Monday, June 30, 2014

The Other Boleyn Witches

A pseudo-historical campaign sketch: What some peasants whisper about Anne and Mary Boleyn is true--they have bewitched King Henry! 

The Boleyn family has always been an ambitious one, but their dreams of prestige, power, and wealth saw only minor fulfillment; that is, until Thomas Boleyn made a pact with the Devil and initiated his children into the occult mysteries of black magic. Through their father's machinations, Anne and Mary Boleyn have used their place at court to work foul spells of attraction on Henry VIII. Their brother George, with whom the sisters engage in an unholy and incestuous tryst, also pours poison in the King's ear. 

If their plan comes to fruition, the King will divorce his lawful wife Catherine and break with the one true Christian church. If one, or both, sister becomes pregnant with a male child what monster will be heir to the English throne?

The player characters could be agents of the Queen enjoined to thwart the Satanic maneauvering of the Boleyn sisters--or perhaps they are Catholic partisans who will not see their country excommunicated from the Catholic faith. They might even be assassins sent from the Pope to stamp out this foul heresy in England's court.

To run it I'd use the Solomon Kane rules, just set a bit earlier than the default assumptions. 

Inspired by: The Tudors, The Other Boleyn Girl, old Solomon Kane comics.


  1. You could combine the two apporaches by having the worst of Protestant crazy fears be true and have the Pope in league with Satan.

  2. Why stop there? Why not have competing factions of witches vying for control of the crown, conspiring to assassinate the king or could roll in a bit of Dame Alice Kyteler's story and a bit of King James I's Demonology and if you actually get the King killed, set of a really warped version of the War of the Roses. that might just escalate into a pan-European debacle of staggering proportions. Toss in the Holy Blood, Holy Grail mythology and you could get even more mileage out of the scions of a particular bloodline trying to put down the forces of darkness, but that might open the door to all sorts of apocalyptic stuff.

    Of course all that stuff could just be the prevailing fears, theories and schemes underlying the basic premise outlined in your post. In fact, it probably works better as a nightmare underlying the politics...but then...

    1. There are a lot of possibilities here.